This way you experience more meaning in your work


This way you experience more meaning in your work

Publication Date

April 8, 2023


Many people associate this weekend with themes of sacrifice and renewal. And that can lead to questions such as: what do I actually give my time and energy to? What do I really find important? Last month, Shoshana Dobrow, Hannah Weisman, Daniel Heller and Jennifer Tosti-Kharas published a large meta-analysis – of 201 previous studies – on calling and the good life. Important questions were: does it help if you experience a calling in your work? Does that make your work better? And does that also apply to your life as a whole? First things first: what is this “good life” that the authors are talking about? They focus primarily on the experience of pleasure, happiness, meaning and purpose. And what exactly is a calling? The meta-analysis produces two different lines of thought.
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